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Placing an order on

If you already know which items you would like to purchase, you can enter the BUTLERS CHOCOLATE SHOP from the home page or by clicking the OUR PRODUCTS link in the top left-hand corner of every page. If you have a specific product in mind, you can search for it via the search box on the top of every page.

Once you have chosen chocolates to purchase, simply click ADD TO CART and they will be added to your SHOPPING BAG. Your shopping bag is always in the top right-hand corner of the Butlers Chocolates website and it always displays your current shopping subtotal.

To place your order, simply go to your basket and CHECKOUT where you can choose to create an account with us or check out as a guest. Creating an account means you will be able to:

  • Change your Email or Password
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Once you have decided how you would like to checkout, you must complete the form with the billing address, shipping address if different, shipping method and credit card details  (fields marked * are obligatory). You may pay by Laser, Credit Card, American Express (in € only) and Butlers Happiness Card Gift Cards.

Finally, please review your order and add a gift message if required. You must accept the terms and conditions to place your order. 

Booking a visit to the Butlers Chocolate Experience

  • Visit our BOOKING PAGE at to check availability for tours
  • Please choose your preferred time of the day to visit and wait for the calendar to load available tours
  • Click on your preferred date
  • Choose the  number of entry tickets required for either the Ultimate Chocolate Experience Tour, the World of Chocolate Tour or the Ultimate Chocolate Birthday party
  • Tell us the names of the participants attending for a tour
  • Don’t forget to indicate if you have any special requirements for your visit.
  • Please read the terms and conditions of each tour
  • Click the “book and buy your tickets” button to submit your order and checkout
  • Once you have checked out, you should receive a confirmation email of your booking, which you should bring with you on the day of your visit.
  • Please note that the production in the factory takes place Monday to Friday only and online bookings are non-refundable


Q. I want to know how much it will cost to ship my order, where can I find this information.

A. Delivery information is available at checkout. If your country is not listed, please contact us and include information on the size of your order and the exact address to which you would like it delivered.

Q. If more than one box of chocolates is ordered going to the same address, is there a reduced shipping charge?

A.The shipping charges are based on a flat rate charge, therefore you can order as much as you like and still only pay one shipping rate. 

Q. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

A. Delivery time depends on where you would like us to deliver your order. Generally, we will deliver within a week, in some cases, we can deliver the next day!

Q. I received notification that my delivery has been redirected to a GLS Parcel Shop. What does this mean?

A. After delivery has been attempted twice by GLS (Irish deliveries only), it will be redirected to your nearest GLS Parcel Shop for you to collect. You find the list of GLS Parcel Shops here.

How to Store Butlers Chocolates

Q. How should Butlers Chocolates be stored?

A. Butlers Chocolates can be stored at room temperature, ideally between 15-18 degrees Celsius in a dry, odourless place away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight. It is best not to store Butlers Chocolates in the fridge due to a fridge's very low temperature and excessive moisture which may cause the chocolate to bloom.

Q. What is “Blooming”?

A. Blooming occurs when the cocoa butter in the chocolate reacts to changes in temperature. Blooming causes the chocolate to appear dull or whitish on the surface. It can be caused by excessive heat or cold. This doesn’t affect the taste but can spoil the appearance.

Q. How long will Butlers Chocolates remain fresh?

A. Butlers Chocolates will maintain their fresh taste for at least three months if they are kept at room temperature and not exposed to adverse temperatures or humidity. Each individual box of Butlers Chocolates is marked with a best before date so you can enjoy Butlers Chocolates at their maximum freshness.

Chocolate & Health

Q. Do Butlers Chocolates contain nuts?

A. Butlers Chocolates are produced on shared equipment that also produces products that incorporate nuts. Therefore, all Butlers Chocolates products may contain nut traces.

Q. Are Butlers Chocolates gluten free?

A. Butlers Chocolates do not contain gluten, with exception of our Crispy Praline chocolate and our Honeycomb Crisp chocolates and bars.

Q. I suffer from a migraine if I eat chocolate. Is there any chocolate that I can eat that will not give me a migraine?

A. It is generally the cocoa mass ingredient in milk and dark chocolate that causes a migraine in some people. Why not try Butlers white chocolate truffle bar as it does not contain cocoa mass?

Q. What is the difference between milk, dark and white chocolate?

A. Dark chocolate (also known as plain or bittersweet) is made with cocoa butter and cocoa mass. Milk chocolate is made with cocoa butter, cocoa mass, butter and sugar which give it a lighter texture. White chocolate is made with cocoa butter, milk and sugar.

Q. Does Butlers Chocolates contain milk?

A. The only products which Butlers Chocolates produce that do not contain milk are our 70% solid dark chocolate bars. However, all of our chocolate may contain milk traces

Q. Does Butlers Chocolates contain egg?

A.We do not use egg to produce any of our chocolates.

Q. What percentage of cocoa is contained in Butlers Chocolates?

A. Butlers dark chocolate is made with 58% cocoa solids. Butlers milk chocolate contains 32% cocoa solids & 20% milk solids. Butlers white chocolate contains 26% cocoa solids and 20% milk solids. Butlers Chocolates also produce a delicious dark chocolate assortment and a sublime 100g 70% dark chocolate bar.

Q. Do Butlers manufacture diabetic chocolate?

A. No, Butlers do not manufacture any Diabetic chocolate.  According to the Diabetes Federation of Ireland, diabetic chocolate often contains a bulk sweetener instead of sugar which also raises blood sugar levels.

Q. Are Butlers Chocolates suitable for vegetarians?

A. Most Butlers Chocolates are suitable for vegetarians. There are some which are not suitable such as the Artisan Collection and Menu Collections. Please contact us if you have a query in regard to a specific product. 

Q. Where can I purchase Butlers Chocolates?

A. Butlers Chocolates are available to purchase at the Butlers Chocolates Online Shop, at any one of Butlers Chocolate Cafés and at premium retail outlets in Ireland and abroad. For more information, please see our stockists section.

Q. Whom do I contact regarding charitable donations?

A. Sponsorship requests are only accepted in writing, by post to Butlers Chocolates, Clonshaugh Business Park, Dublin 17 or by email to

Q. Do you produce Fair Trade Chocolate?

A. Butlers Chocolates are committed to The Ethical Trading Initiative and to sourcing ethically traded ingredients. We are aware of the Fair Trade organisation but believe that the ethical trading policies and supplier alliances promotes fair treatment for all as its ethos

If your question has not been answered, please contact us now.