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Customer Testimonials

Nothing gives us more pleasure than hearing feedback from our customers. Having been Ireland’s favourite luxury chocolatier for over 80 years, it's good to know that our products are still bringing happiness to the world, one chocolate at a time.

"I just had one of your Irish Whiskey Truffle bars and had to write in and comment. I think its the best damn chocolate bar I have ever had! Best on the planet I would say. Just thought you should know. Wish I would have bought 2.".

- Jimmy Foster

"I am canadian from the province of Quebec and just back from a short trip in Ireland. I greatly appreciated it all the way around. I bought your packages of 3 boxes at the airport and loved the idea and... the chocolate. Too bad that we cannot buy some in Canada. I will surely go back in Ireland one day but in the meantime, I will miss your delicious chocolate".

- Jocelyne Benoit

"I would just like to comment on how AWESOME your products are! Last August 2012, I took a trip to Scotland and Ireland and was looking for something to bring back to the USA for friends & family. I saw your candy bars and bought some and had to try to see if they were good. WOW! I was sold and bought more and in fact I convinced other people in my tour group to buy Butler's Chocolate! Many bars were bought after that! I just finished off the last bar yesterday....6/9/13. You are the best!"

- Lynne Woods

"I received a box of your delicious chocolates from an Irish friend visiting Israel. With all honesty I've never tasted anything so good. I visited several chocolate factories in Switzerland and definitely not up to your standard".

- Helga Roseman

"Dear Staff at Butlers, I placed an online order last Sunday and tentatively hoped it would arrive before Easter. I could not believe it when I received my package on Wednesday morning! Thank you! I find this quite amazing, especially as I am resident in Germany! Happy Easter to all of you." 

 - Germaine Hütz

"I just wanted to say that I am highly addicted to your truffles and chocolates, is it wrong to hide them from my family and indulge in their deliciousness in secret? No I hear you say, phew!! I would hold you guys solely responsible anyway. Yum yum".

- Emma Sejdarasi

"Just would like to say I had some of your chocolates for my birthday this last week. I had not even heard of Butlers before. However, as a chocoholic, I am delighted to say they were delicious!! They did indeed bring me happiness. Thank you".

 - Andrea Harrington

"Thought I would send you this thank-you email straight away. My husband loves hot chocolate, and the picture on the front of the box looks divine. Don't think we get this product in Australia, so it's something very special. A special box of chocolates too. Not opening anything until he comes home, Thank-you once again to all at Butlers. Your customer service has been outstanding".

- Myra Harris

" Hi my name is Doireann. I am 19 years old and college student in Dublin. I just want to say that im absolutely obsessed with your dark chocolate and also your coffee. I really am addicted. If I wasn't so broke I would literally spend everyday in your cafes that are dotted around Dublin. I am writing just to say keep up the good work, I am such a fan. The dark chocolate and the coffee keeps me going through my studies".

 - Doireann Roche

"Just enjoyed a few of my now yearly present off my parents, a selection of Butler's chocolates. As Butler's we origionally got them just for the name as a nice stocking filler, but we have to say, your chocolates, are - we think- the best in the world. They're just the rich amount of richness so you can't over indugle too much, which for a family with many heart and other problems, keeping healthy is a big deal. So, a huge thank you, for just making the most delicious chocolates".

 - Ali Butler (and the rest of the Butler family!)

"Our daughter bought us your chocolate assortment. We just ate them. They truly like the box said, brought "a little moment of Happiness" Thank you". 

 - R. Bishop

" I am writing to express my sincere appreciation with regard to your marvellous products.I would like to thank you for such special moments with exquisite products.
All Butlers products represent a collection of emotions, of joy and of happiness. I’m 18 years old and I must say that I am incredibly happy and content with these gorgeous products: Butlers Hot Chocolate at home, Famous Irish Chocolate Truffles, Red Christmas Decoration and Marc de Champagne Truffle Cube. If I am asked to define what Butlers means to me, I would answer: Butlers reflects a magic world, a mixture of flavours and taste! I would like to thank you for bringing so much happiness into the people`s hearts. May joy and happiness snow on you, may the bells jingle for you and may Santa be extra good to you! Merry Christmas!"

 - Denisse Stejeran

"Unbelievable! I picked up some of your chocolates at the duty free shop in London on the way home to North Carolina. The flavors in the Premium Chocolate Collection intrigued me and I bought them for my wife. We tried them and could not believe the flavor and creaminess of the chocolate. The selection is wonderful, I am glad I can order more online because I can't afford to fly back over when we run out. Excellent chocolates".

 - Bill & Nicole Bond

"I just wanted to compliment your organisation in a number of ways. You make incredible products that are a joy to consume but you also play an active part in community support. I have worked or personally support a number of organisations (The Hope Foundation, Ruhama) which you have sponsored and I always smile when I see the Butlers logo show up. It means I'm all the happier to go out of my way to walk past 10 other coffee shops to get to one of yours - and then my taste buds are well rewarded also. Keep up the good work all around!" 

- Laoise Ni Bhrian

"I am writing to thank your company, Butler's Chocolates, for their irreplaceable contribution of artisan chocolates into the marketplace. High quality chocolate companies, like yours, are always appreciated. Throughout my early years, I have traveled to Ireland many times and have had the pleasure in indulging myself, and my friends back home, with your confections. Anytime I am in Ireland, while other visitors are going to Blarney Castle, I am on my way to the nearest Butler's Chocolate Cafe or chocolate shop. I view your chocolates as the gold standard, leaving all other chocolate companies in the dust. I have yet to come across any other chocolate--made anywhere--as rich, creamy, smooth, and totally satisfying as yours. Your company has done a great job in creating indulgent products that everyone can appreciate. I am eagerly await my next visit to Ireland when I can once again savour your chocolates."

- Phillip Bigger

“My husband and I were given a box of your chocolate truffles and pralines from friends last week. We have just sat down with a cup of coffee and eaten almost the entire box! They are the most delicious chocolates - thank you!! We agree with your slogan - you are most definitely purveyors of happiness!”

- Nicholas & Linda Rots

“Just to say was given a box of you chocolates for Mother’s Day and they are the best chocolates I have ever had, and I’ve had a few! Thanks.”

- Lyn Shave

“I am just writing to you, to highly compliment you on the standard of chocolates and to let you know, how much I love them. I work in Limerick and I have quite a stressful job, I am just finished a week of nights. One night in particular, things were extremely busy and I needed a little time out. To make a long story short, I grabbed a cup of tea and my friend, opened a box of Butlers in the canteen that we had since Christmas. I have no problem saying, your chocolates completely cheered me up and helped me relax. I was sitting at home after and said, with all the bad press about recession and everything. It’s great to see, Ireland still has some top quality products. So thank you sincerely for making delicious chocolates.”

- Patrick Hanlon

“I received a box of praline and truffle chocolates in a hamper and I have to say they are the most delicious chocolates I've ever tasted. I'm not a big chocolate lover but these are on a different level to other chocolates. Can you tell me if there are any stockists in Birmingham UK please. I have been left wanting more! Thanks.”

- Angie Farr

“My mother brought me some Butlers Chocolates from Ireland and I just want you to know, that it's the best chocolate I've ever tried. Congratulations to that amazing taste! Greetings from Austria.”

- Nadine Albenberger

“I have just tried for the first time today your White Chocolate Truffle. With the first bite I was hooked I will be eating your fantastic chocolate again. Keep up the good work.”

- Nicki Brewer-Mann

“Your chocolates are heaven sent, they are totally gorgeous!  Thank you.”

- Miss K. Farley

“Absolutely amazing chocolates. A co-worker brought me a box back from UK. Thank you so much for your time and for creating such wonderful chocolates.”

- Cindy Doucette

“I recently stopped by your Café on Wicklow St., Dublin just before our tour with Lorcan and the 1916 Rising beginning at the International Bar. A must for anyone travelling through Dublin. We enjoyed tea and a complimentary chocolate at your cafe. Your toffee and Whiskey chocolate bars are yummy and helped us get through three weeks of driving all around Ireland. Wish we had brought more home with us! Thanks.”

- Miriam Valesco

“I am in the US Army. While on a refuelling stop in Shannon, I bought a few of your chocolate bars at a shop. After tasting the first one, the rest of them were gone before the plane even left the ground. For the past 2 years; I have had a craving for your chocolate bars. They are the best chocolate bars I have ever tasted!”

- Kenneth B Weir

“Just wanted to send a quick note to say your staff at the Willis St store is amazing. Best customer service in town! They are always so friendly and remember your order. And of course the coffee and chocolate are divine. They all seem to enjoy their jobs, which is a testament to the management. Just wanted to say thanks for being fantastic! Cheers.”

- Fleur

“Friend just returned from brief cruise to Cork Purchased your EXCELLENT Bars of Chocolate Cream Liqueur Truffle - as a small Gift for me What a Delight ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS - One of the Very, BEST Do I Dare say better than Belgium Chocolates.” 

- Adrian Colburn

“We received two big parcels of Butlers Chocolate some hours ago. They both are carefully packaged and they arrived here in perfect condition. Thank you very much for doing such careful packaging. My wife and I opened one of the boxes immediately, brewed coffee and ate some chocolates. Yes, we love your chocolates! They are not too sweet or too dark or too soft. Also they are not too large or too small. I have some friends in Europe and sometime they give us their favourite chocolates (from Germany, Belgium, France and so on), but I must say that Butlers Chocolate is my most favourite one. Your product is so natural and has a depth, and I think that Butlers Chocolate is to Japanese people's taste. This time I ordered 7 boxes in total from you, because I wanted to give them to our parents and friends as a small gift. I believe that they will be delighted with natural taste of your products as I do. Thank you once more for your help with my ordering your products this time. I hope that this message finds you well today! All the best.”

- Daisuke Suzuki

“I just wanted to say how much I love your chocolates. Every time I go to Dublin, I make a point of visiting a Butlers - I usually go to the one on Grafton Street. I love your hot chocolates - they are the best hot chocolates I have ever tasted (and trust me, I have had a lot of hot chocolates!!). I also love the white chocolate and raspberry chocolate too - I was just over in Dublin this weekend and have already got through two big bars of it! I also wanted to enquire whether you are considering/would consider in the future opening a shop in Manchester. I see you have a shop in London, but I don't often get chance to go to London (in fact I think I go to Dublin more often than London). I would love to be able to buy Butlers Chocolates whenever I want, and treat myself to a gorgeous hot chocolate when I'm having a bad day! I'd like to finish by thanking you for making such great chocolate! I had a bar of the white chocolate and raspberry chocolate after work today, I had a really stressful day, and the chocolate was so gorgeous it made me feel so much more relaxed!”

- Anonymous

“May I say that your chocolate is amazing, and is by far the best I've ever had? Nothing in America quite compares to it. I am currently enjoying some Chocolate Caramels, and you are quite right in saying they offer a little moment of happiness.”

- Anonymous

“I just LOVE Butlers chocolates! I just bought a Butlers chocolate bar at Debenhams and I am completely hooked! The taste is sublime!! Now, with Christmas coming, I am sure you would want me to taste some of the rest of your range, so feel free to spoil me! Congratulations and keep up the good work, I will certainly be treating my family and friends to Christmas gifts of Butlers.”

- Catherine English

“I was recently in Ireland and found your assortment of truffle bars in one of the stores I was shopping in and silly me I only bought 1 of each and when I got home and shared them with my friends and family they were a HUGE hit... I must have more to give away as gifts.”

- Jennifer Martinez

“I would like to say that my husband daughter and myself have just had a short holiday at Swords Dublin and found your chocolate Cafés. They are amazing and super chocolates. Needless to say we bought quite a lot to bring home with us as there are none of your shops or Cafés in Wales.”

- Mrs. Yvonne Phillips

“Have just bought a bar of your Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar from Forest Stores in Guernsey. All I can say is awesome! The best bar of chocolate I have had in a long time.”

- Stuart Dunn

“I recently received a box of Butlers Irish for my birthday; I have to say that I am so proud your Irish because they were heavenly. I can’t wait for Christmas and the excuse to open another box. Except this time I hope visitors don’t call at the same time as I am about to be seduced by this magnificent masterpiece called Butlers Chocolates.”

- Edel Rowley

“I came to Dublin last week and at the airport on the way home I purchased some of your chocolate bars, and I must say that it is the best chocolate bar I have ever had. Lovely stuff, it really was.”

- Lee Frarey

“Butlers Irish Almond Praline is by far the best chocolate bar I have ever eaten!!! My daughter purchased in Dublin and shared one with me! Heaven!!!”

- Edith Tinkler

“We are in heaven! The box arrived today, with our swift postman. Only three days from Ireland to Sweden. Mmmmmmm! Thank you!!”

- Anonymous

“Just a little note to tell you how lovely your chocolates are! I had a box for Christmas and have finally gotten round to eating them, they are delicious! Just wanted to let you know that I am one very satisfied customer, keep up the good work!”

- Emilie Holland

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m a very satisfied customer! Since your new Cork store opened recently I’ve found it very difficult not to buy a daily mocha! I travelled the far corners of the world and I genuinely think your Mocha coffee is the best I’ve ever tasted. Well done.”

- Patrick Kenny, Cork

“I was on my way back to the States when I ordered 2 boxes of the best chocolates I ever had and I purchased them right on the plane. Now I am forever spoiled! I have never tasted anything like Butlers so now I need to order more!”

- Suzanne Embingham, U.S.A.

“I was fortunate enough to receive a box of your chocolates when I had houseguests from Dublin over Christmas. And I must confess - after the first bite last evening I selfishly hid the box! If my kids find it, they'll be gone in a flash! So I'll share them little by little with my husband - maybe……”

- Ms. Love

“I would just like to say that I adore your delicious Irish Cream Liqueur Truffles. I had a few of them during my last visit to Cork a few weeks ago.”

- Joerg Bartke, Germany

“I brought some of these (Butlers Chocolates) back from my last trip to Ireland, and they were a HUGE hit! I'm very much looking forward to receiving these wonderful chocolates!”

- Rosalie Frazer

“I have finally got round to communicating my appreciation for the delights that your cafes afford. I was recently very pleased to see that another is to open on Nassau Street. This bodes well for me as I am a postgraduate student at Trinity College and it will bring my indulgence even closer. You can probably surmise what I regard as the best coffee in Dublin – you rightly deserve the mantel and long may your glorious reign continue and flourish.”

- Tim Walsh, Ireland

"I really look forward to eating some more of your delicious Chocolates as they really are a class apart."

- Mrs. Jane Hodgess, Surrey

“Your chocolates are ranked as the best among chocolates lovers here. I know so many people who just love them.”

- Rory Forde, U.S.A.

“When I was at Gatwick Airport in the Duty Free Shop, I purchased some bars of DARK Chocolate – Butlers Irish. I just have to write and tell you that this is the most gorgeous tasting dark chocolate I have ever had in my life.”

- Mrs. J Gomersall, Essex

“Recently my son returned from a short break in Dublin. He gave me a gift of your Butlers Chocolates and not being a big chocolate lover I didn’t expect much. But I soon discovered how wrong I was. Your chocolates are simply the best I have ever tasted and believe me I’ve tried them all. They are all individually wonderful, I did however eat your Cerise au Kirsch not realising it contained cherry, (I hate cherry) well not anymore, I love it now; you’ve converted me”.

- Jackie Murray, U.K.

“My daughter visited Dublin and brought back your chocolates, which I can say were delicious.”

- J. Smith, South Wales

“A message from another happy customer. We received the chocolates today. We tasted the dark chocolate almond praline. Heaven!”

- Ed & Marilyn Blumberg, U.S.A.

“While on board the ferry from Ireland to Wales, I purchased 4 Butlers Irish chocolate bars. They were "to die for!!!" I had not ever tasted chocolate so fine. I am delighted to discover that I can purchase these products online as flying to Ireland to purchase more Butlers chocolate would eat into my chocolate buying fund.”

- Buzz Smith, U.S.A.

“My daughter and granddaughter recently enjoyed four lovely days in Dublin. As a good gift they brought me a box of your chocolates. They were truly delicious.”

- Barbara Gates, Merseyside

“On a recent trip to Ireland, I had the pleasure of enjoying your handmade chocolates. I have never tasted such mouth-watering chocolates, they were marvellous. I have tasted lots of chocolate but this is exceptional. Please send me a copy of your mail-order brochure as soon as possible.”

- Ms Cecilia R. Kerr, U.S.A.

“My friends have recently been to Ireland and brought me back one of your Mint Truffle chocolate bars. It was the nicest thing I have tasted in nearly 28 years on earth.”

- Alastair Wilson, NSW, Australia

“Just a quick note to say thank you for one of your delicious products; your handmade Irish fudge. It is absolutely wonderful; it melts in the mouth and is definitely moreish!!”

- Angela, Terry & Karen Rogers, England

“Last month on my visit to Ireland, I brought home one of your milk truffle candy bars. You have a very superior product. It was delicious.”

- Micheline Flewelling, U.S.A.

“On a recent trip to Dublin we purchased some of your Butlers Irish 75g chocolate bars. They are wonderful!”

- Susan Roberts, U.S.A.

“I am 75 years of age and a confirmed chocoholic. My son had a layover in Shannon recently and brought a box of your candy to me. They are the BEST I have ever tasted, Thank you for the delightful pleasure treat.”

- Joann M. Shippe

“I have just returned from Ireland and before I left the airport I picked up some of your hazelnut praline candy bars. When I got home I opened one and when I tasted it I thought that I was in heaven. I HAVE TO HAVE SOME!!! HELP!……how do I order these online.”

- Ruby, U.S.A.

“On my way back to the US from Ireland I bought two chocolate bars. The hazelnut caramel one got destroyed in my bag (too much stuff in it!) but it still tasted incredible! I can't stop thinking about it. I have one more bar left... I am now hiding it and afraid to eat it until I can order some more somehow. Why can't we make any chocolates this good???????????”

- Anonymous, U.S.A.

“While visiting Killarney recently, I purchased some Butlers Toffee and Fudge. I was amazed at the wonderful taste of freshness and flavour of them. I gave some to my uncle who is gone 105 years. He loved them, and said they were beautiful and asked me to get more. I took pen to paper to say its Butlers for me ever more. Keep up the good work.”

- Anne O' Brien, Clare

“When I was at Heathrow Airport returning to Singapore, I bought 20 pcs of Butlers Irish Hazelnut Praline. They were super yummy - the best chocolates I've ever tasted! I really love them.”

- Florence Tan, Singapore

“I've just had a square of your Irish Coffee Truffle. I wouldn't have believed it before I tried but I've definitely just experienced chocolate induced happiness! Sitting in front of me is the rest of the bar, a box of you mint truffles and a bar of your mixed berry white chocolate. That's happiness guaranteed for a whole week! Thank you!”

- Bryony Bayliss, U.K.

“Your Buttery Chocolates are awesome. My son came home with on Military leave with some, he said they stopped in Ireland & he bought some.....Like I said they are out of this world the best tasting chocolate I have ever all really know how to make awesome candy. Maybe you all could teach the United States how to make awesome candy. You even have Anthony Thomas Candies beat.”

- Debra Holden, U.S.A

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