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How to Create a Chocolate Praline

At Butlers, we like to think we’re bringing a little happiness to the world, one chocolate at a time. Let’s follow the story of a Butlers Gianduja - which is a type of praline.

Step One

Pralines are a confection of hazelnuts, chocolate and sugar, made using milk, white and dark chocolate.

Step Two

Firstly, the ingredients are mixed together. It is important that the chocolate is tempered to maintain a liquid consistency.

Step Three

Once the mixture is made, it is transferred by ladle into a tray.


Step Four

When the mixture has cooled it is removed from the tray in one piece.

Step Five

Next tempered white chocolate is poured onto the Gianduja and spread over the surface.

Step Six

Once this has cooled, this is repeated on the second side to create a sandwich of white chocolate and praline.

Step Seven

When the white chocolate has cooled, the entire piece is cut into strips. These strips are then lifted, turned and cut again to create individual rectangular shaped chocolates.

Step Eight

The untidy pieces at the side are removed.

Step Nine

A perfectly cut Gianduja!

Step Ten

Finally, the Gianduja is packed by hand into a special Butlers assortment. Each box is checked by the quality team for both weight and perfection.

Step Eleven

Then a protective cushion and selection card are added.

Step Twelve

Each box is finished with a ribbon and bow. And now our story is complete – a little moment of happiness, just waiting to be enjoyed.

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