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Butlers Wall of Happiness

You’ve been trying to go to a happy place all day!

At Butlers, we are trying to bring a little happiness to the world, one chocolate and one coffee at a time. Recently, we asked our customers to share their moments of happiness with us, be it a favourite place, a certain time of day, or even a piece of music that brings a moment of happiness. Some entries even had pictures that included Butlers Chocolates being enjoyed at their happy place!

Butlers Wall of Happiness

Congratulations to... Marie Parton, Esther Macken, Nicola Barrett, Deirdre O'Hanlon and Sharon Wood, who each won a €200 Butlers Happiness Gift Card. Congratulations to you all!

1. First up is Marie Parton

See the full entry on Facebook >>

2. Our second winning entry was submitted by Esther Macken

For me, true happiness is…

B..ound by love,
U..nspoiled by hate,
T..ransferred from above.
L..iving in the present,
E..scaping the past,
R..ejoicing in life,
S..trengthening the downcast.

C..ontent in acceptance,
H..opeful in the hereafter,
O..ptimismic in the uncertainty,
C..hoking with laughter.
O..range and almond,
L..emon sorbet,
A..nd even Milk Chocolate Cream
T..ruffle would make my day!
E..joying a crispy praline and a hazelnut truffle for what seems like infinity,
S..ometimes happiness can be found in simplicity!

3. Our third winning Happiness competition entry came from Nicola Barrett

You're late for work, you missed the bus, rain poured down on you and it feels like the world is against you. But you pop into Butler's in Dundrum where the girl behind the countergreets you with a friendly hello and a smile. She gives you a delicious free chocolate, but the moment of happiness comes when that first taste of the premium coffee hits your lips and you can just relax and enjoy. You know it's all going to be okay - happiness has happened thanks to Butlers!

4. Well done to our fourth Happiness giftcard winner, Sharon Wood

The pleasures of a single life number but a few. A day off, alone, what best to do? A good book, a black coffee, a happy place found. Butler's, a single pleasure, suits me down to the ground.

5. Deirdre O'Hanlon delighted us with her entry to our Happiness competition

Pay cuts and tax hikes my heart is breaking.
My holiday this year will be a staycation.
A Butlers ice-coffee makes my happiness soar,
Puts a smile on my face, I'm happy once more.
But Irish summer sunshine you can never depend.
That's when Butlers hot chocolate and coffee is my friend.
Butlers great value, happiness card and complimentary sweet,
Makes my moment of happiness an affordable treat.
So even when most of my money is spent,
The happiness a Butlers gives is worth every cent.
The Butlers experience means so much to me.
The best things in life are definitely not free.

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